I has been involved in an intense artistic project called “Intermezzo”, started by the talented girls of LeLAbO’ Milano. LeLabò is a collective of 6 artists, a multifunctional lab that embraces various disciplines, from costume to scenography, from makeup to tailoring, from graphic to textile art, which continually contaminate each other to constantly improve themselves.

The Intermezzo project represents the duplicity of the character who wears some interesting double costumes.

An interesting metaphor that made me think immediately of the double and its exasperation, represented by playing cards.

I worked with:

Barbara de Marco, Consuelo Olivares and Vittoria Papaleo who have been involved in costumes.

Isadora Bucciarelli produced wonderful paper inserts;

Lyli make-up has been dealing with makeup and hairstyles;

Photographers come from various artistic fields and have beautifully played the characters:

Rosemary Amodeo (Madama Butterfly)

Simona Ferrari (Elisabetta I)

Isabella Macchi (Violetta, La Traviata)

Enzo Mologni (Arlecchino)

Claudio Savina (Don Quixote)

With the precious critical text by Chiara Gualdoni

The event is sponsored by the Milan City Council and sponsored by Consorzio Cooperative Lavoratori

Violetta, La Traviata
Don Chisciotte
Elizabeth I of England
Madama Butterfly


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