I was born in Turin in 1978, I received my master’s degree in multimedia developement after a study in art, music and theatre at the University.

I always tried to live the art and I started my career organizing events and promoting underground artists in Turin. 

I attended a course of portrait with Enzo dal Verme, was inspirational and I realized I had to do something with photography, so I moved to Milan for a photojournalism course in order to learn how to tell stories with pictures.

I started to work for national publishing taking portraits as assignement, in the meantime I took unconventional pictures to strange events promoting the underground art.

My personal project “Locus in Fabula” was published in 2012 on the book “L’altra Milano”, an alternative guide of the city. It’s a long term work as I produce portaits of unconventional models in important locations.

I also graduated in make up to  to have maximum control over my shootings, at the moment I am continuing to work with the bizarre portraiture, while I prepare an exhibition for the project “stage and backstage”.

In 2013 I started a new project called Pois Gras, my business improved and I started to deal with the artistic direction of unconventional events. I am currently working as an event planner, living photography in an artistic way. I mostly take film pictures with my vintage cameras.


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